Memorial Center


The new Brehm Memorial Center is still under construction! Most of the attractions described below will not be available until our reopening in 2018. Nonetheless you are welcome in the mean time to the Brehm Memorial Center where you can visit the former exhibition and take a look at our plans for our fresh start!

Come and visit the Brehm Memorial Center!


through the library of the Brehm family and leaf through the letters and notebooks of both scientists!


our exhibition and learn lots of  interesting things about zoology and the history of science!


the life and research in the 19th century inside our authentically reconstructed living and working rooms of the Brehms!


at the early versions of "Brehm's Animal Life“ with their marvellous animal illustrations!


everything you need to know about the Brehms and their relevance for modern times. Our educators will help you with that!


the surrounding nature! Only a few meters away there are forests and fields with many animals and plants to discover.


the scientists who work at the "Natura 2000" research station for the preservation of nature!


a nice cup of coffee and some tasty cake in our museum café!


a nice souvenir to remember your visit! How about our memory game with illustrations from "Brehm's Animal Life"?

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