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Alfred Edmund and Christian Ludwig Brehm Foundation

In order to preserve the estate of the Brehm family for future generations, we are currently planning to establish a foundation. After time-consuming preparations, we expect to achieve this undertaking in 2016. The main aim of the foundation is to preserve in Renthendorf the intellectual and material legacy of the two scholars Christian Ludwig Brehm and Alfred Edmund Brehm  for centuries to come. In a new and modern exhibition, visitors of the Brehm Memorial Center will be given the chance to experience and learn how it was to live and undertake research in the 19th century. Moreover, we will establish a rural school in Renthendorf, in which children of all ages will learn about pleasures involved in studying nature and in outdoor activities.  


You would like to support us? With a minimum contribution of 500€ you can become a co-founder! For further information, please call us or send an e-mail to! 


Brehm-Gedenkstätte Renthendorf

Dorfstraße 22

07646 Renthendorf

Phone: 036426 - 22233

Letter to potential members of the foundation (July 2016, in German)



For the reconstruction of the Brehm estate donations are greatly appreciated. For that purpose, the "Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz" has set up a special custody account. You can transfer money directly to the following account:


Commerzbank Köln

IBAN: DE77 2004 0020 0400 2004 00


Code Number: 1008081 (Brehm-Gedenkstätte)


Receipts for tax purposes will be issued by the

"Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz" to monetary donors.


Förderkreis Brehm e.V.


You would like to get more engaged in the Brehm research and become a continuous supporter of the Brehm Memorial Center? Then maybe a membership in the Förderkreis Brehm e.V. is the proper thing for you! With only 12€ per year you can be a member and get in touch with Brehm researchers. Moreover, and without further costs you will get the German club magazine "Aus dem Leben der Familie Brehm: Mitteilungen des Förderkreises Brehm e.V." with lots of interesting articles by other members of the society. For further information on how to become a member, please visit the society's website!

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