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Staff of the Brehm-Memorialcenter

The Brehm Memorial Center Renthendorf is operated by the administration union "Zweckverband Brehm-Gedenkstätte", which incorporates the communities of Renthendorf, Ottendorf, Eineborn, Kleinebersdorf, Lippersdorf-Erdmannsdorf and Tautendorf. At our place you will be guided by:

Prof. (a. D.) Dr. Jochen Süss

management, exhibition, foundation and finances

has been working as a scientist since 1989 on ticks and tick-borne diseases and continues to do so. In 2012 he took over the management of the Brehm Memorial Center Renthendorf

Thomas Peter

ticket office, shop, guided tours and excursions

as a founding member of the "Förderkreises Brehm e.V.", Thomas Peter has been connected to our museum for over 25 years. Since 2017 he is now working for us and will guide you on ornithological excursions and tours through our exhibition.

Katrin Hänze (Trainee)

trainee: library, website, museum education, exhibition

after studying biology in Tübingen and Jena she started her traineship in Renthendorf.

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Staff of the Natura2000-office "Auen, Moore, Feuchtgebiete"

The organisations supporting the Natura2000-office "Auen, Moore, Feuchtgebiete" are the

 Naturschutzbund Thüringen, die Naturforschende Gesellschaft und der Verein Amphibien- und Reptilienschutz in Thuringia. Since september 2017 are in Renthendorf for you: 

Felix Pokrant

Project coordination

studied biology and ecology in NRW. Now he coordinates the conservation program of Amphibia and reptiles in Thuringia and is dedicated to the preservation and the renaturation of wetlands.

Dr. Alexander Borowski

scientific associate

Linda Vogt

scientific associate

After studying in Göttingen and Münster, she came to the Natura2000-office in Renthendorf in 2018. With her botanical knowledge she supports the team in preserving the wetlands in Thuringia.

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What drives us? What makes us different? - Mission statement of the Brehm Memorial Center

The Brehm Memorial Center is a scientifique and cultural institution in Thuringia, which preserves, studies and exhibits the material and intellectual heritage of the two German naturalists Christian Ludwig Brehm and Alfred Edmund Brehm. It is located in Renthendorf, the place, where they lived and worked.

The Zweckverband Brehm-Gedenkstätte, an association of the communities Renthendorf, Ottendorf, Eineborn, Kleinebersdorf, Lippersdorf-Erdmannsdorf and Tautendorf owns the Brehm-Memorial Center. The Saale-Holzland-Kreis promotes the Memorial Center as a touristic attraction. With the foundation of the Alfred Edmund und Christian Ludwig Brehm-Stiftung just this becomes its new Owner.






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