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23.10.2017 The design contest for the new permanent exhibition starts. 10.09.2017 The reconstruction of the garden and paths around the Brehm house begins. 19.08.2017 Roland Tittel is giving 29 copies of autographs written by C. L. Brehm and colleagues together with their transcripts to the museum 29.06.2017 We are really happy: our work continues to by supported by the Thuringian state and the federal government 28.04.2017 A moment of historic proportions: We have founded "Alfred Edmund und Christian Ludwig Brehm-Stiftung" 24.03.2017 We have a new apiary close to the museum - and our own honey in the shop! 18.03.2017 Thiss evening we informed the villagers of Renthendorf about our future plans for the museum 23.02.2017 Our bussard is the 30'000. object uploaded to Museen.Thü 01.02.2017 Today we welcome our new colleague Thomas Peter 18.01.2017 From now on there are even more digital works of the Brehms on our media-webpage 12.01.2017 Environment minister Anja Siegesmund visits our museum 06.01.2017 The brown owl is bird of the year 2017. How the Brehms thought about the bird you can now discover in a special show case 30.11.2016 We are searching for a new colleague! 14.11.2016 100th piece from our collection is online! 23.09.2016 For the first time we are part of the German nature museum conference in Rostock and Waren 01.09.2016 ​In order to say "Thank you" to all of our supporters we organised a summer night party at the Brehm memorial center. 20.08.2016 Yesterday we informed the villagers of all surrounding villages about the construction works at the museum and our future plans. 07.07.2016 The Brehm furniture is now free of woodworms. The fumigation tent can be dismantled! 11.06.2016 Sometimes a little less "animal life" would be desirable: snails eat the newly planted plants on the Brehm grave. 24.05.2016 Finally we could upload our new webpage. We are open for feedback and constructive critcism. 04.05.2016 The fumigation tent for the Brehm furniture is ready! From now on the furniture of the Brehms is freed of woodworms. 01.03.2016 We have a new colleague! From now on, Stefan Curth will take care of our website, the library and the upcoming exhibition.

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