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Natura2000-Office "Meadows, Swamps and Wetlands"

Since 2017, the Brehm Memorial Center houses a Natura2000-Office for environmental protection. If you always wanted to know, what people actually do in such an office and why the protection of animal and plant species matters, you are very welcome to visit us! We are more than happy to introduce you to our work. Moreover, we will offer excursions on different nature-related topics in Renthendorf. You can also call us in case you have questions with regard to environmental protection or if we can help you with the initiation of protection programs concerning our focus areas "Meadows, Swamps and Wetlands." Call us!

The Natura2000-Office "Meadows, Swamps and Wetlands" does not, contrary to other such offices in Thuringia, deal with a specific protection area. It acts throughout the whole state in order to protect and preserve water-dependent habitats and the animals and plants living therein.

Frogs and toads are important indicator species for intact wetlands and play a central role in our projects, for instance in the case of the Werra-meadow and for mining company consulting in regard to species protection.

We are working close together with other active Natura2000-Offices in the area, with agencies, farmers and the forestry commission office, in order to find solutions for environmental problems.

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Contact Information:

Natura2000-Station "Auen, Moore, Feuchtgebiete"
Dorfstraße 21
07646 Renthendorf

Phone: 036426 - 200 577
E-Mail: auen-moore-feuchtgebiete[at]

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