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Objects from the Brehm Heritage

Most of our objects originate from the heritage of the Brehm family. This includes the historic buildings and graves, furniture and objects from everyday life as well as the library of Brehms. Moreover we have lots of sourvenirs from Alfred Brehms voyages and some bird skins collected by Christian Ludwig Brehm and his son. As special treasures we have more than 2000 handwritings, which, in part totally unstudied, lie as copy or original in our museum collection.

Digitization and Research

Currently we are working on the complete digitization of our collection and especially our collection of autographs. The first objects have already been digitized and can be found on People, who are interested, can leaf there through the digitized letters of the Brehms - right now! For research purposes we can offer high-resolution scans and photos of all our objects. Please contact us, if you are interested in working with these materials!

Historico-cultural and Natural History Objects with no Relation to the Brehms

Besides the objects mentioned, we have many more in our collection which are not related to the Brehm family, for example bird skins, which we are happy to offer for research projects and educational purposes. With the new permanent exhibition, we will enlarge our collection by presenting new animal preparations and historico-cultural objects, such as historic bird traps, to the public.  

Enlarging our Collection

We have an ongoing interest in objects which are related to the Brehm family and related persons. Also new editions of the original Brehm works and publications concerning the Brehms are of high interest for us. Please don't hesitate to contact us, in case you own objects which might be interesting for us!    

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In the 19th century, the library of the Brehm family already counted hundreds of volumes. Also after Alfred E. Brehm had died, the stock of books kept on growing. At the moment, we  are working on a modern online-catalogue for the library which will allow you to browse through books and writings of the Brehms and to read the digital versions of over 2000 handwritings. Until then, you can visit our library in the archive of the Saale-Holzland Kreis or browse through our digital media page - there you will find the most important works of Alfred Edmund and Christian Ludwig Brehm!
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