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Get close to the action, when we create a new museum out of the former Brehm estate!

The Brehm Memorial Center is still under construction. All of the buildings are authentically reconstructed and set back to the last years of Alfred Brehm at the end of the 19th century. Through the whole process we want to give you a unique look "behind the scenes" at how a new museum is created: from the initial plan to the final exhibition. Be close by when walls and ceilings are recolored in their original style, when the furniture is restored, or the floor tiles  return to their original place. We will show you all of our plans for the new memorial center and guide you through the building site in and around the Alfred-Brehm-house! Here you will find some pictures that show what has already been achieved...

Get to know the life and work of Alfred Edmund and Christian Ludwig Brehm!

While the construction work is taking place, you can still visit the former exhibition that shows the life and work of Alfred Edmund and Christian Ludwig Brehm. We will guide you through the pastoral home of Christian Ludwig Brehm and tell you lots of interesting stories from the life of both scientists! For school classes we also open outside the normal opening hours! Please contact us in advance

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One of Alfred Edmund Brehms central aims was to educate the general public in zoological terms. We would like follow up on this aim by offering  a steadily growing program of activities surrounding zoological topics. The participation fee includes a visit to the Brehm Memorial Center

Ticks: Beautiful beasts

In this program Dr. Süss will inform you about the biology of the tick and diseases transmitted by them. You will learn about ways to protect yourself and you can try scientific collection methods yourself along the Brehm hiking trail. For school classes and groups of adults (minimum 10 persons). Participation fee: 4€ for adults, 2€ for children under the age of 13 years. The tour will take 2 hours and can be offered also when the museum is closed. Please book in advance!

The Honeybee: All for each and each for all

In this program, our professional beekeepers will inform you and your children about the biology of the bee and the work of a beekeeper - directly on our own apiary with see-through bee-hives! The program will take appriximately 1 hour and can be offered also when the museum is closed. Please book in advance!

The Birds of Renthendorf

Come and join us for a hike along the Brehm hiking trail! We will listen to the bird songs around and help you identify each individual species! Please wear appropriate shoes and clothes since we will head for rough terrain! Please bring your own binoculars or cameras since this will improve your experience even more!

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....and there is more to come

Our team of educators is currently preparing a rich program for the Brehm Memorial Center which will also fit the Thuringian curriculum. In the future, you will find here a catalogue of activities for your class and exemplary lesson plans for one-week stays at Renthendorf! Of course, all of our programs will also be available for interested groups of adults.


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