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Right next to the Brehm Memorial Center there is the Brehm-Hostel, where school classes, groups of hikers and adults can spend the night. In cooperation with the Brehm Memorial Center, a wide range of activities is offered. Since there are only few beds (34 in 8 rooms) and since meals have to be ordered, we recommend to book in advance. For further information please contact the Brehm-Hostel directly!

Activities offered by the Brehm-Hostel

Located close to the Brehm memorial center is the Brehm-Hostel which can be used for longer stays in Renthendorf, especially by school classes. During your stay in Renthendorf you can not only take part in the tours and excursions offered by the Brehm Memorial Center but also in those activities offered by the Brehm hostel itself. These are especially made for pupils aged 7-11. Please book in advance and directly at the hostel (Phone: 036 426 - 203 47)!

Contact Information:

Brehm-Schullandheim Renthendorf
Leiterin: Frau Lärz
Dorfstraße 23
07646 Renthendorf

Phone: 03 64 26 - 2 03 47
Fax: 03 64 26 - 2 03 51


Orientation with Map and Compass

During this program the pupils will learn how to orient in a foreign environment using map and compass. Moreover, they will get to know how magnets work and how to draw plans and maps themselves.

The Bird next door

During this program the pupils will intensely learn about the local avifauna, about species, their biology and morphology. Moreover the pupils will discuss the aims of environmental protection efforts.

How to manage learning?

​​In this project the pupils will learn how to cope better with their everyday life in school. Some focus areas are 1) time management, 2) dealing with homework 3) concentration and coping with tensions 4) organised working in school and at home.

Water - Habitat and Treasure

In this project the pupils will get to know the importance of water as the foundation of all life on earth. They will learn the different aggregate phases with their special characteristics as well as the applications for water. Focus areas are 1) importance and sources of water 2) water protection 3) the water cycle 4) experiments with water 5) function of a waterwheel (including own construction) 6) animal observations in ponds and streams

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